Volume 1 Number 1          ISSN 2580-9563

First edition of ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement (AJCE) has been published on July 21st, 2017. AJCE present 8 manuscript, First manuscript is about gauging the impact of community university engagement iniatives in India. Second manuscript is about exploring the motivation toward and perceived usefulness of a financial education concluded that the majority of low-income women have low motivation toward financial and literacy education, and they also have a negative perception of the usefulness of such a program. Third manuscript is about Community Organizing Participatory Action Research in term of curriculum development. Fourth manuscript is about students to behave more environmental friendly towards waste. Next Fifth manuscript is about life skills program for improving mental health. Sixth manuscript is about social-ecological reconstruction in Bali, especially on the revival of Sang Hyang Dedari Dance. Seventh manuscript is about sustainability assessment on community park revitalization. Eight and last manuscript on this first edition is about early childhood curriculum with contribute of voluntary and financial capital highly influence the sustainability of the green open space.

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